Funmi and I live 15mins apart but hardly see each other (because, LIFE!). She is one of those friends I respect so much because she’s as real as they get, says things as she sees them and oh so driven (story for another day). One sunny afternoon, we had the opportunity to catch up when she visited my branch to complete some banking transactions. During our very lengthy chat, she told me about some volunteer work she was involved in with an Interdenominational Christian Organization and how much of an impact the organization had on her life. While struggling to describe her first experience as a participant at a retreat hosted by the organization, she encouraged me to participate to experience it for myself. This discussion awakened the curiosity in me but I was not going to do anything to satisfy that curiosity (I mean, it’s a struggle to sit through 2hrs of Church Service, why would I sit through 3days of it???? Plus, I barely had anytime to rest while working full time at a commercial bank, taking care of two kids under the age of five and everything in between).

Anyway, fast forward to 2 weeks later, this same programme Funmi told me about popped up on my IG timeline. Out of curiosity, I read through the comments and everyone went on and on about how the programme changed their lives and the best way to understand it was to experience it (Did they send a memo on marketing strategy to all the participants or what?). However, what tipped me over was that the commenters were all young people that I could relate to i.e. they have their own struggles and taking the Faith journey one step at a time. So, I visited the website to complete the required forms and register for the programme which should be pretty straightforward, right? WRONG! The questions being asked seemed too intrusive (for lack of a better word) and this made me VERY uneasy. At this point, I changed my mind about attending because for the life of me, I could not fathom why a “Church” would want to know such personal things about me! I called Funmi to give her feedback on her “group” and the discomfort I felt while completing the forms. Again, she encouraged me to keep an open mind, complete the form, and see for myself. I listened to her and boy, that decision led me to an experience I can never forget! I attended Youth Sorting Out and left at the end of the retreat completed SORTED and burning for Christ. I told all my friends and family about Youth Sorting Out and encouraged everyone to attend, I still do.

It’s been over a year since I attended Youth Sorting Out and my life has completely changed for the better, but that fire I felt for the first couple of weeks after the programme is no longer there. Don’t get me wrong; it’s not like the fire completely fizzled out and I don’t love Christ anymore, I still love Christ and have a burning desire to love Him more. However, that fire comes and goes at different intervals; sometimes I am totally consumed by that fire and at other times lukewarm at best. I miss that feeling of constant, complete consumption by the Holy Spirit and this leads me to wonder – is it indeed possible to constantly be on fire for Christ? I am more familiar with the falling and picking myself back up journey.

I would love to hear about your journey of Faith, that may be the story that would help another lady pick herself back up and you know what they say, we rise when we lift others.

Love you ladies!



    Great! The journey of faith is not alwaz as easy as pronounced but with constant willing and act of faith in the power of grace supplied by Jesus, we can sail through.
    Our combined responsibilities as women may poses a threat n barrier but not an excuse ‘bcos Deborah had successfully act in those capacity n yet don’t fail God and her generation.
    I encourage us I mean women,wives n mothers to keep our altar burning. We shall finish strong n well IJMN.Happy mothers day!!!!


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